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Dungeon Survivor II is a strategy RPG that gives you the chance to manage a medieval manor. One of your most important tasks in the game is to hire heroes to come to the town's tavern and defeat all the monsters who are plaguing the dungeons.

The gameplay in Dungeon Survivor II is reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon and similar games, but with some original elements. A very important part of the adventure is guiding groups of heroes through the dungeons. Normally, you can try a few different approaches when you run into problems: you may choose to use force or ingenuity, but keep in mind that different solutions will bring different results.

Although Dungeon Survivor II offers a complete single-player game experience, you can also play against other groups of heroes in PvP mode. And remember, there are almost endless possibilities of characters with the more than fifty classes to choose from. You can create hundreds of heroes with unique synergies.

Dungeon Survivor II is an excellent combination of RPG and strategy, with a complex and thorough gameplay. On top of that, the dark ambiance and great graphics give a gloomy feel that perfectly fits the game.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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